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Aura Light provides lighting that is smart; sustainable, economical, long lasting, high quality and environmentally friendly. We call it Brighter Lighting.

Brenley M mentioned in a review: "So I bought the Aura Light Day Light Lamp late September and used it for maybe a month (liked it just fine except for some minor things I would change) and then one day it just wouldn’t turn on. It couldn’t have been the light bulb burning out because I had not used it much at all. I was so irritated that I just put it back in the box and set it to the side until I had some time to contact support about it. Well here we are 6 months later (lol) and I’m cleaning out my closet and pull out my light that still doesn’t work. I go online to Amazon to see that I payed $103 for this thing and am reminded how irritated I am and how ridiculous it is that I payed that much for a lamp that doesn’t work. I am having trouble finding anywhere to contact customer support, as I am seeing people talk about a 2 year warranty. Here’s hoping that someone sees this and at least reaches out to me."


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